This Earth Day, we want to talk about the small steps and actions you can take to help make a difference in caring for our planet. When we do this as a collective, it can lead to some pretty big changes. But first, start small.

All Hail the Power of Plants

We know vegetables are healthy for us, but did you know animal agriculture uses a third of the world’s fresh water? Not only are veggies good for us, but eating them instead of meat helps protect the environment. So next time you crave something meaty, try swapping it with a plant-based alternative. You may not feel (or taste) it’s making a difference, but our planet will.

Seasonal Foods For The Win

Sourcing sustainably helps reduce emissions and can provide fresher ingredients for your food. Find out what’s in season and accessible close by. If you’re unfamiliar with these foods, try looking up recipes that use seasonal ingredients online. Or, for those who like to live on the wild side, create your own.

Add In Some Raw

Cooking uses lots of energy. Foods you can eat raw, like fruits and vegetables, help conserve that energy, and offer exciting ways to diversify your meals. But you don’t need to eat raw meals every day. Try adding more fruit and veggie options to recipes a few times a week. Or, experiment with dishes that don’t need to be cooked at all.

Eat Smarter, Waste Less

It’s estimated that 30-40% of our planet’s food goes to waste every year. Writing down a grocery list before shopping and keeping track of perishables left in your fridge can help reduce food waste. Also, fruits and veggies on the verge of expiration make for a delicious smoothie.

Nature Can Nurture

Spending time outdoors can help boost your energy and restore the mind and body. Not to mention all the positive effects reducing activities like driving can have on the environment. So try going for more walks or bike rides in your spare time, maybe new activities like hiking or jogging whenever you can.

Whether it’s eating a veggie burger instead of beef, or sourcing food locally and adding raw fruits and veggies to meals, small choices make a difference. Together, our collective actions help the planet, no matter how simple they seem.

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