With Evolution Fresh, you squeeze more out of the moment. Our cold-pressed process captures the full flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables. Deliciously pure. Super nutritious. Smartly preserved, to help you press ahead with just a drop more joy.

The Cold-Pressed Difference

We believe in a different approach to making juice. The cold-pressed way. It’s our way of helping protect the flavor and nutrients of the raw fruits and vegetables we bring into our juicery. No added colors or flavors nature didn’t put there. Just our favorite produce, tasting as close to fresh picked as possible with minimal processing.

The Cold-Pressed Difference

Many juices on the market have been heat-pasteurized, which may affect the natural flavors of the ingredients. That’s why we cold-press our juice using high pressure processing. This keeps fruits and vegetables chilled from the moment they enter the juicery to the moment you take your first sip.

The produce we locally source is rushed to the juicery, where it’s cleaned, squeezed, and pressed. Once we have crafted our juice blends and bottled them, we apply pressure equal to five times that found in the deepest part of the ocean to help protect flavor, color and nutrients while ensuring safety.

Pursuing Perfection

"Where did we build our juicery? Close to farms that supply fresh fruits and vegetables all year long."

Most of the produce used for our juice is grown in Southern California, where we get leafy greens, crunchy root vegetables and tangy-sweet citrus based on seasonal growing patterns — from farms in Salinas down to the southern Imperial Valley in both California and Arizona. Who’s tracking it all down for us? Our ingredient-sourcing specialists, who have over 51 years of combined experience working with produce experts and growers around the world.

A few more facts about the produce in Evolution Fresh juices:

  • 93% of our fresh produce is from the western U.S.
  • 82% of it is grown within 400 miles of our juicery
  • Our pursuit of the best ingredients takes us to the Philippines for coconut water, Peru for ginger, Mexico for mangos and pineapples, and Hawaii for turmeric
  • We offer both conventional and organic juices to make them broadly accessible
  • All of our products are Non-GMO Project verified

Highlights From our history


We don’t just pull our juice blends out of thin air. Our team draws from 30+ years of combined culinary experience to determine how the natural qualities of each fresh fruit and vegetable can be creatively combined for optimal flavor. Often in ways you’d never imagine. Like in the blend of refreshing coconut water, naturally sweet juices of pineapple, apple, beet, ginger, and lemon with a kick of spicy cayenne pepper in our Sweet Burn.