Look out. Evolution Fresh juices have a whole new bottle in store — one that even better showcases all the vibrant natural goodness in every precious cold-pressed juice.

We put a lot of thought and energy into this bottle-altering decision. We daydreamed. We sketched. We studied shelves. We played with structure and shape. We worked with engineers, and figured out how changing one tiny angle can affect capacity by one ounce.

In the end, we developed the just-right juice-loving design, inspired by the good old-fashioned clear juice glasses you might use at home. Our new BPA-free, recyclable bottle celebrates every delicious fruit and vegetable inside, as does our beautiful new watercolor label highlighting nature’s radiance.

New bottle. New PET material. New label. Plus a new 11 fl. oz. size, perfect to savor with a light lunch, in some of our newest juices:

Green Devotion
Green Grove
Berry Beet
Mango Green
Emerald Greens

Cheers to our best bottle yet. Happy sipping.