For many of us, 2021 has offered a glimpse of hope for the near future. As we continue to live our lives, distanced from the people and places we love, we’ve reset our intentions for the new year.

Ever since we founded National Green Juice Day in 2016, we’ve posted lighthearted content about resolutions that don’t work, that we should be kinder to ourselves, and make small healthy choices instead. This year, just getting through is enough. You’re enough, and all that you’ve done to take care of yourself this year alone is enough.

Let’s focus on the aspects of wellness that are a priority for many of us: our health, both physical and mental. Let us shower you with words of encouragement through your ups and downs. Let the only thing we recommend you to get more of be self-care. We still believe our green juices are a healthy way to hydrate, but everything you do to take care of yourself matters.

Whether it’s a walk in the park, crafting, or simply cooking a new recipe for the first time, your wellness journey is valid. And while it may not always be linear, that’s ok. In honor of National Green Juice Day, we hope you experience small moments that make your mind and body feel a little better and brighter. Maybe not every day, but some days. So take a deep breath. Unclench your jaws. Hydrate.