We get it: Keeping your New Year’s resolution is hard. Many Americans give up on theirs by the end of January, while others don’t quite make it past the six-month mark. At Evolution Fresh, we want to help you meet your wellness goals for the year. That’s why we declared January 26—just as about a third of resolutions are failing—National Green Juice Day, to encourage people everywhere to revitalize their resolutions.

Small, healthy choices have a way of adding up. They can give you the push you need to double down on your goals. Don’t have a resolution? You can still make 2020 the year you focus on you. Do something good for yourself every day, like getting an extra hour of sleep or giving yourself the nutrients you need to be your best. Our juices are cold-pressed* so that we can squeeze every last drop of goodness out of each veggie—all so you can squeeze a little more joy out of the moment. Not only will you get a surge of energy, but you’ll also feel good about making a healthy choice. That positivity can have a ripple effect, making everything a little bit better and brighter.

It’s never too late to make today a little better than yesterday. That’s the purpose of National Green Juice Day: reminding us all that there’s always time to #EvolveTheDay.

*High pressure processed