Summertime can find us daydreaming of far-off beaches and ambitious cultural excursions. But reality can require we stay closer to home. Even without a grand escape in your immediate future, you can enjoy a variety of little escapes that take little time, little preparation and planning — and have a big impact on your state of mind. We think you deserve as many little escapes as you can fit into a day.

Turning the Page

Look no further than that book or magazine you’ve been wanting to read. Carry it with you and take it one leisurely chapter or article at a time. Writing in a journal can be another oasis amid a hectic day. It’s an easy way to both get things off your mind and hold onto meaningful thoughts and experiences as you go.

A Change of Scenery

Stroll from your office to the nearest park. Take a quick, energetic trail run. Meander through a neighborhood art gallery. Simply walk out the door and see what you find within 15 minutes of your everyday environment.

Minding Your Time

Mindfulness and meditation can sound a bit out there, but can be simple as slowing down, breathing in and quieting your mind. The benefits can include a calmer mental state, a more accepting perspective and greater attentiveness. And it’s not just about sitting in silence, but being present and accepting of the moment, whether you’re mowing the lawn or drinking a cup of tea. The Headspace Meditation App can help.

What a Treat

Our favorite little escape? Savoring a juice that both quenches our thirst and helps us return to life’s responsibilities refreshed and recharged. Really, any delicious, nutritious snack will do the trick — giving you time to relax your mind as you nurture your body and soul.

May your days be filled with little escapes.