It’s easy to check out when life gets stressful. But a better way to deal with stress might be to check in. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to do that. Dani Browne and our friends at Vivecorp, Inc. shared a few simple strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your day.

Mindfulness is having a moment (pun intended). Sports teams, companies, schools and even doctors are using it to help combat stress and increase focus. Meditation is the most well known way to practice mindfulness, but there are many other ways to experience it. The key to mindfulness is to notice what you are doing as you are doing it and tune into your senses. Think of mindfulness as the elevation of the Everyday.

A few ways to begin to weave mindfulness into your life:

Practice mindfulness through the body with yoga, running or other forms of exercise you find enjoyable. Tip: For this to really work, make sure to unplug. Save the devices for another workout.

When you eat, notice the color, texture and taste of the food. You’ll eat more slowly and with greater satisfaction – good for both your wellbeing and your digestive system.

Notice where you tend to zone out (e.g., driving, emailing or texting, doing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.). Practice bringing more awareness to that activity. No multitasking here!

Spend time in nature. Pay attention to the colors, smells and sounds around you. Watch as your ordinary neighborhood park turns into a whole new world.

Finally, don’t feel you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply be. Give yourself the gift of incorporating one of these ideas each week for a month. Your mind (and body) will thank you.