By Josh Dixon

The Day

During the week my schedule looks something like this: morning workout, walk little Otis, morning emails, head into WeWork with the team, meetings, calls, zoom calls, work product, lunch, carve out time for media production, early evening workout or tennis, dinner and make the decision to do any additional work items, read, be social, or watch something on TV.

Mix It Up

With Evolution Fresh Mighty Watermelon, I can have a refresh pre, during, or post any one of the events of the day. Functionally, it’s a great tasting source of hydration to keep me focused, energized, and motivated during a tough day. As an added bonus, Mighty Watermelon is a great mix-in.


For those looking for that perfect watermelon mix-in for an end of day adult-beverage, a splash of Evolution Fresh Mighty Watermelon to a simple margarita is the way to go.

Here’s how I go about it:

Mix into glass 1 shot of tequila of choice, 3/4 cup fresh margarita mix, a dash of club soda, and a dash of Mighty Watermelon. Serve with Ice and if we’re feeling really creative, add a salted/spicy edge. Enjoy the sips of summer enhanced with Evolution Fresh Might Watermelon.