At Evolution Fresh, we put a lot of thought into producing a new juice flavor. In fact, our Research & Development (R&D) team can try up to 100 different mixtures before landing on the final juice combination.

Organic Vital Berry, our newest flavor, went through about 50 iterations before we found the right mix of berries, mango, apple, and pineapple. As Susan Bavol, our Senior R&D Manager, says: “The best way to create something on-trend, unexpected, and great tasting is to try out lots of combinations.”

A new approach to new flavors

Our R&D team does a lot of research before they start mixing. They analyze the market, regularly talk with suppliers, and go to expos and conventions to keep up-to-date on current juice trends. This means they’re among the first to discover new ingredients, and they’re always on the lookout to bring you the next big thing.

They also do what we all do: they check Instagram! Organic Celery Glow™ was inspired by the sudden popularity of celery juice on social media, and our team thought: How can we make celery juice taste great?

Creativity and safety for the ideal mix

Next comes the fun part. Once our R&D team knows what type of juice they want to make or what ingredients they want to use, they start experimenting with new combinations.

Our team runs tests on the final mix blend to get the best possible taste and ensure it’s completely safe to drink. To meet strict FDA guidelines, the products are High Pressure Processed (HPP) to ensure the highest possible quality without harming the taste or nutrients. The blends are then tested for pH, acid content, and Brix, which measures things like sugar content, tartness, and flavor balance. The final mixture is then sense-tasted by sensory experts, who are trained to perfectly describe a flavor.

A difference you can taste

Our thorough production process and commitment to the highest quality produce is another aspect our R&D team has to consider.

At our Juicery, we only use 100% juice. It comes straight from Mother Nature. And, since 2018, all the new juices that we’ve developed have been 100% organic. This, combined with our dedication to cold-pressed processing and HPP, greatly influences the ingredients our team uses. And it’s a difference you can taste.

In fact, Susan always says, “If you want to know what makes Evolution Fresh juice different, try your current brand; now try ours. The difference is in our ingredient list and our processing. It’s an extra freshness you can taste.”