Hey everyone, Nicole Rauch here! I am a certified personal trainer and sweat enthusiast. I try to help others realize there are MANY different ways to practice wellness, get active, and live a healthy lifestyle – there is no one size fits all and it’s all about what is in alignment for YOU. I am all about focusing on simple, small habits that will build up overtime to create a big impact on your daily life. After all, it is about the little things in life.

Here are some quick tips I’ve found to be helpful in building a healthy lifestyle:

1 – Get Moving!

There is no one way to properly exercise. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and you feel good doing it, that’s truly all that matters! Whether that’s weight training, running, swimming, dancing, walking, playing tennis, as long as you’re moving, you’re releasing endorphins, and that’s fantastic. Sometimes, though, you need a little motivation to get up and get going. If feeling great isn’t enough motivation for you (which I get!) try downloading the Vizer App. It’s a free app that allows you to connect your phone, Apple watch or Fitbit. For every workout or 10,000 steps you walk, it donates a meal to someone in need from a local charity. Now, when you’re working up a sweat, you’re not only fueling your body. You’re also helping someone in need – completely for free. Cool, right?!

2 – Hydrate!

Get a new water bottle and set reminders on your phone to keep drinking. Staying hydrated throughout the day is so important. (Bonus – some say water is the secret to glowing skin✨)

Nicole Rauch holding a bottle of Evolution Fresh’s Organic Super Fruit Greens Juice

3 – Add Nutrients!

A well-rounded diet is incredibly important. But instead of restricting yourself, try ADDING food into your diet that will improve your health! My favorite way to do this is with Evolution Fresh’s Organic Super Fruit Greens Juice. It’s packed with fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals to help your body function optimally! Seriously, I don’t know how they pack so many different sources of nutrients into one drink and make it taste this good. This drink has everything from mangos, to spinach, to spirulina. Whether you’re an avid green juice-drinker, or you’re just starting to discover the magic, this is the perfect juice to have in the fridge.

4 – Do Something That Makes You Happy!

There are so many things we need to do for work, for our house, or for our families. Oftentimes, we forget to take a moment for ourselves. Be intentional about doing the things that make you happy. Whether that’s blasting music in the car, doing a puzzle, calling a friend, or watching a comfort show – lean into what makes you smile! Block 15 minutes on your calendar for uninterrupted YOU time. Even if it only actually happens a few times a week, that’s better than nothing.

If you can just add ONE of these things into your daily routine, you’re one step closer to living a healthier lifestyle 🙂 Happy National Green Juice Day – here’s to adding in habits that make us happy. *Cheers!* (With green juice, of course!)