By Moti Ankari

Starting your morning off right is imperative if you want to continue to feel fresh throughout a busy day. Luckily, I start every day with Evolution Fresh, because that one, small decision inspires me to make even more healthy choices. Something as simple as drinking an Organic Defense Up right after I turn off my alarm motivates me to get up and go to the gym for a workout, which in turn helps to relieve stress and clear my mind.

As my day continues, it gets increasingly hectic. Since I’m a content creator who is always on the go, it’s tough to find time to nourish my body and refresh my mind. Evolution Fresh is the perfect, guilt-free snack to have on hand, so I always keep a few in my bag. If you’re looking for tips on how to stay fresh all day, look no further! I’ve outlined my routine and tips below.

7:00AM: Turn off my alarm and start my morning off with an Evolution Fresh Defense up (a great source of Vitamin C). The tangy, delicious juice always wakes me up immediately!

7:30AM: Mediate or read a chapter of a book.

8:30AM: Journal and set goals and intentions for the day.

9:00AM: Get a workout in, because I was thankfully motivated by my morning Defense Up! When I start my morning off right, I want to keep making those healthy choices.

10:15: Time for an Evolution Fresh Mighty Watermelon during/after my workout (great source of hydration and energy)!

10:30AM: Eat Breakfast – usually something like avocado toast or yogurt with granola! (Again, since I started my day healthy, I’m inspired to continue making those great choices so I can remain fresh during the day!)

11:00AM: Shower and get dressed.

12:00PM: Reply to emails and work on any content deliverables that I need to submit.

2:00PM: Film Reels or TikTok videos. By this point in the day, I’m starting to feel like I may hit a slump – time for a break and some movement soon!

3:30PM: Run any errands and walk Phistook (my adorable puppy!) I’ll take an Evolution Fresh Green Devotion with me to have on the road. It’s the perfect, easy snack that fills me up and keeps me feeling energized and ready to tackle anything.

6:00PM: Get back home and get ready for a work dinner or event. If I’m feeling particularly tired, I grab another Mighty Watermelon juice. The hydration helps keep my skin glowing and me awake throughout the night! (I won’t lie – sometimes I use it as a mixer, too!)

7:30PM: Work Event or Work Dinner.

10:00PM: Bed time….zzzzzzz

There are a lot of ways to stay focused and fresh throughout the day, but the most delicious way is to drink Evolution Fresh. Hope this helped MOTIvate you to ramp up your daily routine by incorporating fresh, healthy choices throughout. Cheers!