It’s no secret that we are pretty juiced up about making the most delicious juice. That’s why we’re so excited to talk about it even more with our new brand campaign “We Know Fresh.” But what does it mean to “know fresh?”

Here are 5 ways we walk the walk and talk the talk:

1. We Know Passion

All of us here at Evolution Fresh are produce nerds who are so passionate and dedicated to making the most delicious, bold-flavored juice, you can taste it. It’s basically a job requirement.

2. We Know Produce

Our pursuit of the best produce takes us around the world from Southern California for leafy greens, crunchy root veggies, and tangy-sweet citrus, to the Philippines for coconut water, Peru for ginger, Mexico for mangoes and pineapples, Hawaii for turmeric, and Brazil for acerola.

3. We Know Juice

We cold-press our juices using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep fruits and vegetables chilled from the first moment they enter the juicery until you take your first sip. In fact, our juicery is basically just a giant refrigerator!

Once we’ve blended and bottled our juices, we apply pressure equal to 5x’s that found in the deepest part of the ocean to help protect flavor, color and nutrients, while ensuring safety.

4. We Know Quality

We don’t settle for less than the best. We hand-sort our oranges when they arrive so only the most delicious, vitamin-packed ones get juiced. We do quality assurance checks at each stage of the juicing process. And we even use robotic arms to move the juice through the juicery, so it’s kept pure and untouched until your first sip.

5. We Know Flavor

We create juice with personality. We combine different fruits and vegetables to create bold, unexpected juice blends that are anything but boring.

There you have it. When you want juice made from the best ingredients, and crafted by people who really love produce: the choice is easy. We know produce. We know flavor as nature intended it. We know the power of plants to keep you pressing ahead.

We Know Fresh