By May Zhu @nutritionhappens

Did you know that over half of New Year’s resolutions are broken by the third week of January? As a Registered Dietitian, I know that the most successful and sustainable habits are made by implementing the smallest changes first. And here’s the thing: you don’t need a resolution to do that! It’s all about making those choices with intention in our day to day lives. Here are my top three (small!) habits to implement to support your health in the long-run:

1. Find one extra way to eat more vegetables you love throughout the day.

Of course by now we know the numerous benefits of fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens in particular are high in vitamins and minerals that support everything our bodies need to keep us thriving. A big part of a healthy diet is enjoying what you eat so pick something you love! Not only are there a variety of vegetables to choose from, but there’s also a variety of ways to include more vegetables into your day. I’m a big fan of the Evolution Organic Green Juices. I alway reach for an Essential Greens because it combines all of the nutritious green vegetables like celery, cucumber and spinach with a hint of citrus, which is my absolute favorite green juice flavor combination. Plus, they’re cold-pressed so that all the nutrients from the vegetables retain as much as possible from harvest.

2. Set hydration reminders.

Hydration = essential for keeping us energized. Of course, beverages such as teas and juices count, so find something delicious that will help you look forward to getting hydrated. The advantages of drinking a green juice for hydration is that it naturally contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium – important factors for our bodies to stay optimally hydrated.

3. Make healthy choices convenient.

CDo you ever just reach for whatever food option is in front of you when you’re in a hurry? Try stocking your fridge and pantry with just one more option that makes healthy convenient for you. By making it available, you’re setting yourself up for success. This another reason why I love keeping the Evolution Organic Green Juices around – they’re an incredibly convenient way to get more nutrients in!

Eat Smarter, Waste Less

It’s estimated that 30-40% of our planet’s food goes to waste every year. Writing down a grocery list before shopping and keeping track of perishables left in your fridge can help reduce food waste. Also, fruits and veggies on the verge of expiration make for a delicious smoothie.

While National Green Juice Day is only once a year, it’s a great reminder to keep thinking about those small, daily choices that contribute to our health in the long run. Cheers to that!