Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most commonly asked questions

What is Evolution Fresh?

Evolution Fresh offers juices, smoothies and foods to provide customers accessible, delicious nourishment made from uniquely blended fruits and vegetables. The Evolution Fresh retail location offers juices, blended smoothies and foods prepared from wholesome ingredients.

What is High Pressure Processing (HPP)?

In High Pressure Processing (HPP) our bottles of juices are immersed in cold water and then subjected to enormous pressure to inactivate pathogens. This process allows us to ensure safety and help retain flavors and nutrients. As part of this process the temperature of the cold juice rises minimally, but not above room temperature, and quickly falls.

How long after the “enjoy by date” do our juices need to be consumed?

Right away, Our Juice should not be consumed after shelf life date.

What is the shelf life of an Evolution Fresh bottled juice? Do the juices need to remain refrigerated?

Evolution Fresh™ ready to drink juices and smoothies must be refrigerated for up to 30 to 45 days from the time they’re bottled to maintain safety and delicious taste.

Do the juice offerings change with the seasons?

Yes, just as certain fruits are only available certain times of the year, some of our juices are only available based on the seasonality of the fruits and vegetables. For example Tangerine juice may not be available all year long.

Does Evolution Fresh have a rewards program?

Evolution Fresh is a part of the My Starbucks Rewards™ program and you can earn Stars from purchases at Evolution Fresh™ locations.

What makes Evolution Fresh unique?

Evolution Fresh peels, presses, and squeezes raw fruits and vegetables. After chilling, blending and bottling juice, we use a technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to ensure safety and help retain flavors and nutrients.

How long after a juice has been opened, is it still good?

5 Days

Where can I find Evolution Fresh™ bottled juices?

Evolution Fresh™ bottled juices are available at select grocery and Starbucks locations. Please visit to find location where Evolution Fresh™ products are sold.

What is the nutritional profile of Evolution Fresh™ juices?

We’re proud of the high‐quality ingredients used to make our juices and smoothies. For nutritional information about each product, visit the product page

What more can you tell us about the Evolution Fresh™ kitchens?

The first Evolution Fresh™ kitchen, opened in Bellevue, Washington, on March 19, 2012. We have locations in the Seattle, WA area. Evolution Fresh™ kitchens offer juices, smoothies and foods that are both nutritious and delicious.