National Green Juice Day 2016

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By the end of January, many resolutions for the new year look a little less exciting and a lot more…abandoned. This year we wanted to help people #TurnItAround and revitalize their wellness goals by making January 26th National Green Juice Day!

It’s perfect, because drinking a green juice is a simple, positive step you can take on your wellness journey. Our juice is made with a full serving of honest-to-goodness veggies, cold-pressed* and just plain delicious (which is definitely worth celebrating)!

To get the party started, we teamed up with Postmates to deliver free “Green Juice Breaks” to cities across the U.S. We also offered a coupon so everyone could get in on the fun, even if they weren’t in a Postmates city. It was awesome seeing so many of you join in the celebration! We had a blast!

It may not be National Green Juice Day anymore, but every day is a great day to make a simple, positive choice. It could be getting a little extra sleep, inviting a friend to take a jog with you or, of course, enjoying some veggie-centric goodness with our green juices. Pretty soon, the simple steps lead to big changes!

Grab a bottle and start your own festivities today!

*High pressure processed