Juice Pairing Guide

Just as you can artfully complement grilled lobster with a rich, buttery chardonnay, you can enhance the flavor of a cheesy herb frittata with a bright carrot-apple juice. A carefully selected fresh juice — say, our rooty Essential Vegetable or refreshing Pineapple Coconut Water — can really bring out the best in a spicy soup or a crunchy muffin. In fact, we’re seeing juice-food pairings popping up on restaurant menus across the country alongside wine and cheese.

We’ve always taken a culinary approach to making our cold-pressed juices, considering the seasonality of fruits and vegetables and carefully combining them for both flavor and texture. Now we’ve taken that a step further by aligning the flavor profile, complexity, sweetness, acidity, mouth-feel and aroma of many of our juices with food suggestions in our Juice Pairing Guide to help you enhance any meal.

For example, our green juice has a bright, refreshing flavor and mouth-feel, which matches well with both sweet breakfast pastries and rich, salty meat dishes. Our Ginger Limeade pairs nicely with sushi and spring rolls. And our Protein Power smoothie holds its own as a drinkable snack, or a rich complement to light, fresh fare like fruit salad. Try thinking of Evolution Fresh juice like you would a side dish and see what happens. Download the guide and start pairing


(pairs to sweet or salty)

Our green juices have a wide spectrum of sweetness from the sharp tasting Essential Greens to the sweeter Sweet Greens and Lemon, and should always be paired to complement the flavors. Additionally, all of our green juices possess a bright, refreshing mouth feel. Ideally, Essential Greens would be paired with something like a breakfast pastry or any meal with a complex flavor set to create and emphasize the delicate balance of the palette. Sweet Greens would pair nicely with a richer meat or seafood to strike a mouth-feel contrast.

Region of food pairings: Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, Asian, American


(pairs to earthy or spicy)

The flavors of the earth that often evoke seasonal fall and winter tastes. Heavier and more complex by nature, juices made with root vegetables pair well with spice and other earthen flavors. A juice like Ruby Roots would be wonderful with a spiced rack of lamb roasted cauliflower or a potato soup. Carrot Mango pairs elegantly with a spicy Pad Thai or a quinoa salad with Black Beans.

Region of food pairings: American, Middle Eastern, Thai, Spanish


(pairs to leafy or sweet)

Many of our juices and specifically our smoothies contain some amount of apple to sweeten the pallette. Apple has a taste that is both crisp and sweet, and desires to be paired with both leafy and sweet light dishes. A salad with mixed greens and walnuts is a delicious choice, as is a light seafood dish like coconut shrimp.

Region of food pairings: American


(pairs to leafy or sweet)

Juice made from berries is both bright and sweet. Pairing berries can create wonderful, light summer tastes. To pair the juice try a nice salad with mixed greens and prosciutto or a heavier oatmeal to brighten the taste.

Region of food pairings: American


(pairs to sweet or spicy)

Tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, or mango have unique, exciting sweet refreshing tastes. They have a complexity that pairs well with other simple sweet dishes or helps cool the taste of a spicy dish. Nothing tastes more delicious than a pineapple coconut water and homemade granola bar or a spicy bahn mi.

Region of food pairings: Island or Coastal foods - Jamaican, Brazilian


(pairs to sweet or salty)

A tasting term and flavor all to itself, citrus flavors have a wide breadth of acidity level or sour/tartness. It often pairs well with simple, minimal dishes as a result. Orange juice will pair with eggs, or poultry with simple ingredients. These complementary flavors will bring out the best in both the juice and the dish

Region of food pairings: American, Asian, Spanish, Brazilian