Finding Our Oasis

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This Summer we bring you Oasis, our guide for content on the Almanac for this season. For me an Oasis brings to mind thirst-quenching refreshment, a change in scenery, or a much needed break, a time or a place that encompasses all of the ways I rest, recharge, and recenter for the journey ahead. When I seek an Oasis I look for an inner moment of peace, and commit to slowing down so I can be aware of what I am feeling and hear my inner voice. Loving choices, the small steps we take to honor our authentic selves every day, are how I keep in touch with my inner Oasis.

From cultivating Oases within ourselves to creating an Oasis from everyday life moments, we will bring you inspiration and ideas to celebrate these moments of inner knowing, rest, refreshment, and vibrant life.

Jimmy Rosenberg, Founder