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The sun is shining. The heat is rising. How are you going to stay cool this summer? That was the burning question at our southern California juicery. Being the passionate juice makers we are, we searched for the perfect cold-pressed juice complement, one that would bring ultimate refreshment to our juice drinkers. And we discovered it in the incredibly smooth taste of cold brew tea.

Why our cold brew teas make our juices even more delicious:

1. We expertly source loose-leaf teas from around the world: Mao Feng green tea from China and hibiscus flower tea from Nigeria.

2. We cold brew each batch using cool water to ensure a refreshingly smooth taste every time.

3. Did you know? Cold brew teas taste sweeter because the cold water extracts a smoother flavor profile than its hot water alternative.

Working with our innovation experts, we began blending our passion for cold-pressed juice with our newfound love for cold brew tea. Just like cold-pressed juicing, the cold brew method makes it possible to deliver the smoothest, most delicious tea flavor possible. We then squeezed in the quintessential fruit of summer, watermelon, and our favorite locally sourced citrus and berries, and voilà: three irresistibly refreshing cold-pressed juice + cold brew tea blends—ones we’re sure will make you say “Ahhhhhh!” all summer long.

We’re excited to share our newest—and coolest—cold brew creations with you! Available in three perfectly chilled blends: The sweet and tangy taste of Raspberry Citrus with green tea. The island-inspired Tropical Hibiscus with herbal tea. And last, but every bit as satisfying, the thirst-quenching Blueberry Mint with green tea.

Try one. Try all three. Because with each sip, your day has officially gotten a whole lot cooler.

Our new cold brew tea-infused juices are chilling at your local grocer right now! Discover where you can stock up on the refreshingly delicious taste of Evolution Fresh® with cold brew tea near you. Stay cool!

Juices are high pressure processed.