Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies

Grab & Go

Juicing made easy. Try an Evolution Fresh Ritual.

A program designed to help increase your intake of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Choose from three different juice packs for a 3, 5 or 7 day ritual. Each delicious pack comes with six of our curated, cold-pressed and squeezed, never-heated juices.

Easy Evolution™ Pack:    $33.20

If eating fruits and vegetables is a struggle, this pack is a great place to start. It’s perfect for those new to green juices and tend to like things a bit sweeter.

Pack Includes:

  1. (2) Sweet Greens & Lemon
  2. (2) Essential Vegetable
  3. (1) Organic Spicy Lemonade
  4. (1) Cucumber Pineapple Ginger

Balanced Evolution™ Pack:    $33.20

This pack is perfect for those who exercise regularly and attempt to consume whole foods, but might not have the time to incorporate an optimum amount of fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Pack Includes:

  1. (2) Sweet Greens & Lemon
  2. (1) Essential Vegetable
  3. (1) Cucumber Pineapple Ginger
  4. (1) Essential Greens
  5. (1) Organic Spicy Lemonade

Green Evolution™ Pack:    $33.20

If you're a conscientious eater who is actively pursuing your health and wellness goals, this pack has your name on it. Get your daily leafy greens.

Pack Includes:

  1. (3) Essential Greens
  2. (1) Sweet Greens & Lemon
  3. (1) Organic Spicy Lemonade

Organic Pack:    $37.20

This pack includes our most popular USDA Certified Organic juices.

Pack Includes:

  1. (2) Organic V
  2. (2) Organic Sweet Greens & Ginger
  3. (1) Organic Ruby Roots
  4. (1) Organic Spicy Lemonade